Happy Mama Tea Blend

Happy Mama Tea Blend

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Herbs blended here are designed with both Mama & growing baby in mind! I drank this blend and Red Raspberry Leaf specifically daily during my pregnancy! As Rosemary Gladstar notes in her book Healing Herbs for Women "Raspberry Leaf is a powerful uterine tonic, making it as an exceptional aid in pregnancy & childbirth. It serves to tone and relax the pelvis and uterine muscles and is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, particularly high in calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium & vitamins B, C & E."

This blend also includes other herbs to help with morning sickness, increase iron & give you a boost without the caffeine while you body goes through so many magical changes!

Ingredients: Red Raspberry Leaf^, Lemon Balm*, Nettle^, Spearmint*, Peppermint*, Alfalfa^, Oat Straw*, Dandelion Leaf* & Ginger^

*Grown organically at Lavender Anne's Herb Farm

^Sourced from a Certified Organic supplier