Anti Inflammatory Tincture
Anti Inflammatory Tincture

Anti Inflammatory Tincture

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Turmeric and the other herbs blended here are known for easing arthritis pain, decreasing inflammation and increasing circulation.
Willow bark or “herbal aspirin,” is a natural source of salicylic acid — the active compound in aspirin.
Do not use if you are allergic to aspirin.
Shake well. Apply 6 to 12 drops under the tongue  OR dilute 1/2-1 t. in water or measure into a mug and pour boiling water over to evaporate alcohol.
Can be taken up to 2 times/day.
Do not take if pregnant or nursing.

*This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Locally Distilled Alcohol» & Non-GMO Alcohol, Turmeric*» (Curcuma longa), Meadowsweet* (Filipendula ulmaria), White Willow Bark* (Salix alba) & Angelica Root*» (Angelica archangelica)

 *Organically Grown
»Locally grown