Kapha Dosha Stimulating Tea Blend

Kapha Dosha Stimulating Tea Blend

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This blend is made specifically for those with a Kapha Ayurvedic Dosha body type. I created this blend from my first hand experience with this Dosha after learning that this is my dominate dosha through my yoga teacher training. These herbs are designed to stimulate & aid slow digestion and metabolism and help improve respiratory health. The combination of bitter taste to balance Kapha energy and touch of sweetness from the Licorice & Cinnamon make this blend drinkable and enjoyable!

Ingredients: Tulsi basil*, Sweet Basil*, Cacao^, Cinnamon^, Licorace^, Anise Hyssop*, Lemon Balm*, Ginger^ & Cardamom^

*Grown organically at Lavender Anne's Herb Farm

^Sourced from a Certified Organic supplier