Lavender Lemongrass Bar
Lavender Lemongrass Bar

Lavender Lemongrass Bar

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After many requests we finally gave in to making a soap with the same scent as our most popular lotion, Lavender Lemongrass! This bar is full of Cocoa Butter to nourish the skin deeply while the perfect blend of Lavender and Lemongrass Essential Oils sooth the skin and senses. One of our best sellers!
The beautiful purple swirl is made from a dark red powder, called Alkanet Root. Since we never use any artificial colorants in our soap we were pleased to find that when this red powder mixes with the sodium hydroxide it make a beautiful purple, which happens to be my favorite color (if you can't already tell)!

Ingredients: Sunflower Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Cocoa Butter*, Palm Oil*, Macadamia Nut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Well Water, Alkanet Powder and Essential Oils of Lavender and Lemongrass.

*Organic ^Locally Grown or Produced

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