Herbal Infused Lotion
Herbal Infused Lotion

Herbal Infused Lotion

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The base for these two favorites is exactly the same. We start with Sweet Almond Oil and infused it with lots of skin healing herbs like, Violet Leaf, Yarrow, Plantain, Calendula & Rose Petals, all grown right here at our herb farm! These herbs are know for the ability to heal dry cracked skin! Then we add a few butters and locally sourced beeswax make a rich creamy base that leaves you skin feeling like silk.
We carry our Lotions in two scents

Lavender Lemongrass & Orange Patchouli

No artificial preservatives or emulsifiers are ever used in our products so they are FRAGRANCE, PARABEN, TRICLOSAN, ETDA, DEA, MEA, TEA & PRESERVATIVE FREE*! You will find in using a true natural lotion or butter, less is needed and you do not need to apply as often as products filled with artificial ingredients, which can dry out our skin.
*Since our lotions do not contain any stabilizers they will change consistency with temperature. To ensure the longest shelf like possible your lotion should be stored in a cool dry place, if possible!

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil* infused with Violet Leaf*^, Yarrow*^, Plantain*^, Calendula*^, Rose Petals*, Water, Shea Butter*, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*, Beeswax^, Vitamin E Oil & 100% Pure Essential Oils

*Organic ^Locally Grown or Produced

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