Sol Love Sun Protection
Sol Love Sun Protection

Sol Love Sun Protection

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Have you been on the search for natural sun protection? Us too!

We were so careful about everything we put on our skin and in our bodies then when it came time for the beach or working in the garden, natural went out the door! Which is why we decided to make this product. The base oils are infused with farm grown herbs that help reverse sun damage and heal the skin. The Non-Nano Zinc Oxide allows it to sit ON the skin to protect from those harmful rays. The the beeswax creates a seal for the skin, making it water-resistant, to prevent too much washing off when you go for a swim.

Apply every 60-90 minutes when outside! Not lab tested, estimated SPF of 25-35 (15% Zinc Oxide)

In a NEW 3 oz. Lotion Tin, no more plastic lotion packaging!

No artificial preservatives or emulsifiers are ever used in our products so they are FRAGRANCE, PARABEN, TRICLOSAN, ETDA, DEA, MEA, TEA & PRESERVATIVE FREE*! You will find in using a true natural lotion or butter, less is needed and you do not need to apply as often as products filled with artificial ingredients, which can dry out our skin.

*Since our lotions do not contain any stabilizers they will change consistency with temperature. To ensure the longest shelf like possible your lotion should be stored in a cool dry place, if possible!

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil*, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil* & Sesame Oil* Infused with Red Raspberry Leaf*, Green Tea* & Calendula*», Aloe Gel*, Beeswax*, Shea Butter*, Vitamin E Oil*, Rosemary Oil Extract, Zinc Oxide (Non-Nano) and Essential Oils of Sweet Orange, Coconut CO2  & Carrot Seed

*Organic »Locally Grown or Produced

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