Whipped Coffee Body Scrub

Whipped Coffee Body Scrub

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Have you ever been in the shower and wished you had your cup of coffee in there with you? Now you can!!! This luxurious Body Scrub is the prefect thing for dry winter skin! The coffee grounds help exfoliate and remove the dead, dry skin & the coffee infused Shea Butter, Coconut Oil & Olive Oil (all organic and unrefined) help tighten, brighten and moisturize the skin!

The caffeic acid in coffee, is known to increase collagen production and can act as an anti-inflammatory, to reduce swelling. The caffeine constricts the blood vessels just below the skin’s surface, which reduces the swelling of puffiness, as well as help balance out skin tone. And Las but not least it helps to dilate blood vessels, which temporarily tones and tightens tissue while improving blood circulation and reducing water retention. Those benefits may help smooth that dimpled appearance of cellulite.
And did I mention it smells amazing!!

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